Alicia Jo Photo | About

Thanks for visiting my site! My passion is to document your family and help cherish your memories. I specialize in documentary style wedding and portrait photography services and based in Burnsville, North Carolina.


The camera has been glued to my hand since 1999. I fondly remember the good ole days of photography, when after a hard days work...I would come out of the darkroom with the smell of developing chemicals on my hands.  The reward was these beautiful silver gelatin, fiber based prints.  I still have a few of these prints hanging on my walls, just to remind me how far photography has advanced it's technology over the years.  Now I can print amazing black and whites in my own living room with just a little bit of ink and a good eye. 


So anyway, I fell in love with photography when I was a child. I would carry around my moms old Polaroid camera on vacations...and then eventually all over the place.  I've got prints stuck all over my fridge today with some of those memories of being a child with the fascination of seeing the world thru a tiny box. 


My first wedding was one of those any decent human would have nightmares about.  I was ecstatic to be allowed to photograph my cousin, Angie's wedding in 1999.  I was so nervous that I forgot to load the film in the camera until the bride was half way down the aisle.  After that little hiccup...all was well. I shot three rolls of black and white T-Max film, developed the film and made all the prints in the ramshackle darkroom of my parents dusty basement.  It was a happy story in the end. She loved her prints and Angie's happily ever after is still happening. 


Later in life...I attended McDowell Technical Community College. After a couple years and a couple speeding tickets, I received my Associates in Photographic Technology.  I also took some Graphic Design courses to fill my spare time. If you're looking for a good little school around here...I'd check them out if I were you. 


So here I sit. Photographing every day. It's pretty amazing when another person will let you catch a glimpse of their life. I feel like it's an honor to help others document all the big moments, and the little moments of their lives. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this little blip about me!